Understanding Landsat 8

In order to better understand and analyze the new Landsat 8 satellite images for environmental monitoring, the Yale Center for Earth Observation is conducting an in-depth analysis into various highlights and shortcomings one should be aware of when handling these satellite images. Below are reports for some topics of interest under two categories: Reflectance (Bands 1-7, 9) and Thermal (Bands 10-11).

Reflectance Bands

Calibration Error - Cirrus

Negative Reflectance Values

Greater than 1 Reflectance Values

Landsat 8: Comparison of TOA Reflectance with SP3


Landsat 5: Radiance/Reflectance Calculation Comparison

Landsat 8: Comparison of TOA Radiance with SP3

Cirrus Band 

Coastal Aerosol Band

Striping: Summary of Sensor Calibration Error

Thermal Bands

Calibration Error - TIR

Masking Border Pixels

Bands 10 and 11 Temperature Comparisons

Temperature and Radiance - SP3 vs. Manual Calculations

Emissivity - SP3 vs. Manual Calculations

Temporal Comparison: Dominica Full Image

Temporal Comparison: Dominica ROI

Dominica ROI Statistics

Band 10 and 11 - Quantitative Comparisons